Airqueen mask’s nanofibers are only 1 nanometer, 1 billionth of a meter, in thickness. Nanofiber is a new material made by building these fibers sterically for a fishnet structure that has better permeability, blockability, and durability than any fiber ever invented. 

Surgical grade. FDA listed mask

Air Queen mask is cleared FDA 510K premarket notification under K172500 as the surgical mask, class 2 device (Equivalent to 3M VFlex) .


What is nano filter mask

Nano filter means basically airhole in mask texture is smaller than any virus & germs & many different dust. 

Below is the scientific result that you can see why this mask works for your essential needs!

Air Particle 0.004µ < Nano filter 0.1µ < Virus & Germs (0.2µ~10µ) < KF94 & N95 Mask (0.4µm) < Cigarette Smoke (0.7µm)

Ari Queen nano mask

All day comfort

Excellent permeability lets the moisture escape to make you feel comfortable for a long time use. The mask also protects you from UV lights. 

nano filter Versus Melt Blown Filter

Conventional filter like melt blown uses electrostatic adsorption. It loses its effectiveness as it gets moisturized by breath in and out. Nano filter filters particles by its densely tangled structure. Therefore, it can be reused. 

4.38g, lighter than a sheet of paper

You won’t even realize you are wearing it. We made it light. Because we need to wear it everyday, everywhere, all day. 

Light weight: 4.38 grams.  Lighter than a sheet a paper.  Ergonomic design for all day comfort.  The Nano mask is designed to cover the nose down past the chin.

The aluminum nose-clip allows the mask to form around the bridge of your nose.

The elastic ear loops gently tighten the mask to ensure a secure fit.

Ari Queen nano mask
Ari Queen nano mask

The team, led by Professor Il-Doo Kim, used an insulation block electrospinning process to manufacture orthogonal nano-fibers by controlling the alignment of nano-fibers. Unlike existing disposable masks without nano-fibers, the new structure can minimize delivering of the pressure toward the air filter and maximize the filtration efficiency.

According to the researchers, the nano-fiber filtered mask maintained its sturdy frame and excellent filtering efficiency even after being repeatedly washed more than 20 times in ethanol sterilization and wash test. Interestingly, the nano-fiber design was able to successfully filter 94% of contaminants like bacteria even after washing repeatedly. They added that the composition remained unchanged after being soaked in an ethanol solution for more than three hours.