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feel comfortable while wearing all day

KF94 Face Mask protects you against harmful virus, bacteria & influenza.

This is KF94 mask that has comparable performance of filtration like N95. This is a Korean standard respiratory protecting face mask. It is specifically designed as 3D flat-fold to provide wearer with comfort and more space to breathe. When properly used, this product will filter at least 95% of PM2.5 airborne particles to protect the wearer from exposure to harmful air pollutants. Safely secure the mask with the nose wire by positioning to the shape of your nose. The adjusted metallic strip will help prevent the wearer’s glasses from fogging up.

FDA / CE Approved Nanofiber Filter KF94 Mask 

  • High defense KF94 means the function of filtering 94% particle dust has been verified from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety.
  • Blocks not only fine-dust but also source of infection completely through high-technology
  • Ergonomic three dimensional design : It cover from the nose to the chine completely, and efficiently blocks the inhaling of the fine-dust through the adhesion structure, also show high stability when wearing one.
  • Adhere completely from nose to chin / Prevent inflow and stability that doesn’t fall off.
  • Effectively block fine-dust and allow air ventilation through a lighter 3 layer filter structure of an air purifier from the stuffy humidifying pre-existing 4 layer structure

3 Layers Protection Filter

3D three-dimensional design with fluffy, breathable and soft, will not cause the fog when wearing glasses.
Adjustable nose bridge and elastic earloop has enough elasticity to make a good seal.
Multilayer protection, can filter out dust, germs, smoke, pollution and almost 94% particles in the air.

0.1-micron Nano fiber Filter

Nano filter means basically airhole in mask texture is smaller than any virus & germs & many different dust. 

Below is the scientific result that you can see why this mask works for your essential needs!

Air Particle 0.004µ < Nano filter 0.1µ < Virus & Germs (0.2µ~10µ) < KF94 & N95 Mask (0.4µm) < Cigarette Smoke (0.7µm)

KF94 Anti Virus Protection Mask. Wear the mask to cover your mouth, nose and chin.

Designed for comfortable protection against 94% of micro dust, allergen, pollen, mold, bacteria, virus and common airborne irritants.

How to use the KF94

1. Wear the mask to cover your nose and chin.

2. Hook each strap over your ear to lock them in place.

3. Press the nose piece with the figers of both hands so that mask is in close contact with your face

4. Cover the entir mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face to make sure there is no air leakage.

Precautions for Use

1. Make sure not to place towel, tissue, etc, inside of the mask.

2. Do not use if the inside of the mask in contaminated.

3. Do not wash for resue

4. Do not crush or deform the mask.

5. Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing.

KF94 User Experience

Korean masks are required to test for “CO2 clearance,” which prevents CO2 from building up inside the mask. In contrast, N95 masks don’t have this requirement.

To get the mask label certified, Korea requires human fit-tests

Korean KF Ratings

Korean KF rated masks come in two different levels, KF80 and KF94. Like the NIOSH system, the number represents the filtration rate of particles, and this makes the masks very easy to compare.

The KF system is based on the European FFP rating system and as such, it performs almost identically. A KF80 mask performs the same as an FFP1 mask, and KF94 will perform the same as an FFP2 mask.⁶

If possible, use KF94 masks where possible, as they have significantly more protection than KF80 masks. In Korea, KF80 masks are often aimed at children and KF94 at adults.

kf94 nanofibre filter

Why KF94 Mask?

KF94 mask is only produced and made in South Korea. KF94 masks adhere closely with the European CE and USA FDA Standard rating system. so you can rest assured that KF94 masks are equivalent to do the same job as the KN95, KF94 mask has  P2 filtration and filter out 94% of micro particulate matter.

KF94 mask made in Korea are  breathable, comfortable, compact, easy to keep and comes in individual packaging with 1pcs in each bag. Our KF94 3D Face Mask fits ergonomically around the contours of your face giving you a comfortable feel while wearing all day. and does not fog your eyeglass lenses.

– Protection Ratio over 94% (KF94)
– 100% Original & Authentic
– Disposable Filter Masks
– Size: adjust to fit all.
– Premium High Quality
– 4 Layers Protection Filter
– w/ Wire for Nose offering a close fit
– w/ Soft Earbands
– 3D Structure for Easy Breathing
– PM2.5
Nano Fiber Application
– Light weight
– 99% UV protection
– Korea Government Certified